linux on a laptop

Wednesday, August 04, 1999, at 11:28AM

By Eric Richardson

Gospelcom's giving me a notebook to use for my trip to North Carolina and New Jersey (I leave tomorrow). I've spent most of the afternoon fighting with it, but I think it's in pretty good shape now.

The notebook's a Dell Inspiron 3000 (pentium 200 mmx). I've installed Linux on it (Redhat 6.0), compiled Enlightenment (from CVS a couple days ago), and gotten sound going (a surprisingly easy task).

I still have ppp configuration in front of me (at least the PCMCIA modem is detected), but hopefully that won't take too long (yeah right).

After that, all I have left is installing MySQL, recompiling Apache, and installing some assorted Perl modules. Then I'll be all set for a little over a week of mobile coding.