sled dogs

Sunday, November 21, 1999, at 10:22AM

By Eric Richardson

As I usually do on boring Sunday afternoons, I'm randomly browsing the web for weird stuff and reading Wired. Somehow, something in Wired's drool section ("Wired Tools"? tools? these ain't no steekin tools. them's toys.) reminded me of the Sled Dogs (snow skates, not real dogs) I bought a couple years ago. Obviously, this is my ticket to catch up on things...

Apparently Sled Dogs Co. is no more. It's a real shame, they were a cool company with great service. On the good side, a Norweigan company has bought the rights to the product, and will be re-launching it internationally next month.

I know... The site's in Norweigan, but they say they're changing that when they re-launch. For now, content yourselves with these cool pictures.