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muah haha

I just upgraded a bunch of stuff on the o2. It wasn't easy (the IRIX lib stuff is still an absolute mess), but I now have it running all the latest stuff from cvs. See an SGI in all it's glory, here.

the cameras

I rearranged my cubicle last night, and most of the cameras are currently either down or very dark. Because the Indy cams are now pointed towards the side of the room with lights, they're having a lot of contrast problems on this side (I still haven't bought lights for my cubicle). I'm working on it.


I got a notebook this week (err... Gospelcom bought a notebook for me to use). It's a Sony VAIO PCG-F390. PIII 500, 192MB RAM, 12GIG HD, 15" screen. It rocks. Click for more... — Continue Reading...


So I'm heading out to LA early next month to visit some colleges. On Tuesday, I sent email to the admissions offices at both Biola and Azusa Pacific. I heard back from Azusa within 15 minutes, and had an appointment set up a half hour after I first emailed. I still haven't heard back from Biola. — Continue Reading...


I haven't posted anything for a while. I'm working a lot. Exam week is starting tomorrow. I don't really care about the exams, and I love the half days. More time to pound on eThreads. I promised Gospelcom eThreads 1.2 by their February conference, so I've got some work to do. I have 14 things on my todo list, but 6 of 'em are done. Lots of code still to write... — Continue Reading...

cool story

this is a cool (but short) story about a one-handed girl playing sports.

evil netscape

So netscape was dying on me today (and sucking the machine with it, so I go to kill it, just like I would any other day (and do, quite frequently). When I go to list its process, I'm greeted with:
eric 666 70.9 36.7 30832 23184 ? R 14:13 19:21 netscape
whoah. that's freaky. — Continue Reading...


never suck the chocolate off a chocolate covered coffee bean and then eat the bean straight. It's nasty.