if only they could see me now...

Saturday, February 05, 2000, at 07:02AM

By Eric Richardson

Sometimes I find myself doing something which strikes me as so amusing, I just have to laugh at myself. Today, I'm testing some RealMedia stuff getting ready for the Gospelcom February conference. I've got the encoder running on my notebook, as well as the player (cool story here... more later on in the post). Anyway, click for more...

So I'm sitting here with one of those headsets with a built in mic on. I'll say something, and then exactly 19 seconds later I hear it in the earpiece.

I can just imagine what someone would think if they just walked in on this. I'm sitting here, just making weird sounds and noises, for no apparent reason.

Anyway, back to the player/encoder bit. Because of firewall configuration, I can't encode live through the firewall, so I've got a dial-up link up. I'm encoding out that. That doesn't have enough bandwidth to encode and play, though, so I've got the player playing back over the ethernet.

Fun, fun, fun.