Monday, April 10, 2000, at 12:51PM

By Eric Richardson

I hate getting stuck on things that seem like they should be simple, but then decide that, no, they have to be big. Right now I'm really stuck on one such thing for eThreads.

My whole property inheritance scheme is running up against the fact that many different types of "forums" can be inherited from a parent, and that each of these types can have a completely different set of properties associated with it. Not just property names, mind you, these are completely different properties.

The whole point of property inheritance was to allow someone to pre-define their properties in the parent, and not have to define them for children. But what do you do when the properties of the parent don't apply to the children?


What I'd like to do is just allow parents (which will always be directories) to set properties for all types of children, and then let the children inherit the applicable properties. That requires a significant amount of coding however, as applicable types aren't inherently stored with the properties (necessitating schema changes, etc).

Gar... And I thought I had it, too. I guess I'll just make this one un-resolved for now.