richardsons on the web

Sunday, April 23, 2000, at 04:44AM

By Eric Richardson

I was sitting around here today, waiting for a tape to record, just wandering around the web. On a whim, I decided to see who else in the world had a * domain. There are a lot of 'em.

Annie Richardson is "The Biggest, Baddest [real estate] Agent in Orange County!"

Bob Richardson owns DVD's and lives in Portland.

Calvin Richardson is a singer.

Cheryl Richardson is a writer who apparently has split personalities ("About Us"???).

Christine Richardson is another real estate agent. This time it's on Lake Tahoe, in CA.

Debbie Richardson again ups the real estate percentage. She's from Portland, too.

Donna Richardson does work-out videos.

Dot Richardson is a softball player.

Larry Richardson (aka Dr. Richardson) is scary looking. No one should grin like that on a web site.

Errol Richardson takes the award for coolest looking web site by a Richardson. He's also Canadian, and an awesome artist.

Henry Richardson is a glass sculptor.

H.H. Richardson is dead, but apparently people think enough of him to give him a web site.

Ilana Richardson is a painter.

Iris Richardson is a photographer in Philadelphia.

Judie Richardson sells houses (heh... didn't say real estate) in California.

Julie Richardson is going to be a lawyer.

Kim Richardson is a singer too.

Lita Richardson manages the Magic Johnson Management Company.

Ralph Richardson ummm... is a real estate agent. In Canada.

Rex Richardson does too, just not in Canada.

Ruth Richardson is (yawn) a real estate agent, this time in Nevada.

Willie P. Richardson is weird.