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After getting 5 hours of sleep last night and being on my 14th hour of work so far today, jwz's diary from the early days at Netscape is very easy to relate to. jwz, however, kept his insane schedule for months. That's just freaky.

my journey around SF

I took a little hike around SF today... Actually, it was a lot longer than that. I started out by walking to the Sony Metreon, then wandered down to Fisherman's Wharf, before climbing up to Coit Tower. If you take a look at this picture you'll see a flat building with a tower on it below the Bay Bridge. I walked from beyond there up to where the picture was taken, then back.

My feet are tired.


I'm now out in San Francisco. Even just from the little bit I've been here today, I already love it. Michigan, pale in comparison to anything else, doesn't even deserve comparisons with life out here.

Just one year left...

getting ready

The worst part about getting ready to go on a trip is trying to remember all the little things I need to install or upgrade in order to be able to continue looking somewhat like I'm working while I'm away with my notebook.

I think I've got everything now, though, including two issues of Wired and one of Mobile Computing to read once my VAIO expends its measly supply of battery.


I'm the first one here at the office this morning... I have no clue why, it just sort of happened.

Definitely not something people should get used to...

red elvises again

I just saw on the Red Elvises tour dates page that they're going to be in Ann Arbor on July 4. If gas prices go down, you can bet that's where I'll be celebrating my 4th of July.

OPEC on gas prices

OPEC has a surprisingly useful article on their website explaining why high gas prices aren't their fault.

That still doesn't help the fact that right now regular unleaded here in Muskegon is $2.09 a gallon. That's up $0.15 since Friday, when it was a mere $1.94.

I really wish I lived in a city big enough to have decent public transportation. This is just crazy.


If you're ever looking for foreign cds you just can't seem to find in your area, I highly recommend Skivhugget. I've ordered two cds there now, and not only is their service great and very prompt, the price is also amazingly competitive with the US (even with shipping).

So go there and buy cds.

red elvises

I wish I lived in a town that had a any kind of selection when it came to music. I really want to find a Red Elvises cd, but obviously no one would stock them here in the wasteland of midwest America.

I want to leave.

Mission: Imp

I have to say that Mission: Imp looks like it'll be hilarious. And June 12 is Monday... Muah haha...

the cameras

My cameras are back. I re-wrote the whole architecture again. This one's a fun one, with a central camera server, cam clients, and images stored in a database. Click on the title to get a little more in-depth description. — Continue Reading...

stream saver

This afternoon I played around a little with trying to write a script to save RealAudio files as they stream to the player by packet sniffing and then re-assembling the stream.

It didn't work. Perhaps if I actually understood what I was doing, instead of guessing how it should work...