cell phones

Friday, July 07, 2000, at 09:05AM

By Eric Richardson

I'm going to be getting a new cell phone soon to replace my Nextel (over-pricing and bad call quality, yippee!), so I've been looking around a bit.

Right now I'm leaning towards getting a phone from VoiceStream once they get their national plan here in MI (600 minutes/month for $59.95). When I get that, I simply must have an Ericsson T28 World. 4x2x0.6 inches... Wow. I'd get the little infrared modem, too.

My problem with getting GSM is how comfortable I've gotten with the standard features on Motorola phones, since Motorola's GSM offerings aren't all that plentiful. The biggest one is vibrating instead of ringing... Why doesn't everyone support that standard? The T28 does, though.