still flying

Thursday, August 24, 2000, at 08:29AM

By Eric Richardson

From the little map it looks like we're getting pretty close to Sydney now. I didn't really sleep much, but I did watch three movies and listen to music. 54 minutes to go.

Getting onto the flight in LA was fairly odd. Instead of a gate right at the terminal, we went through a gate, to a bus, and then to this staircase in the middle of nowhere that got us onto the 747. You would think that being LA, there would be normal gates... Weird.

Luckily I'm not that tired. After we get there, I have to go through customs, meet Allan, and then go to meetings. Fun.

I don't know if I should exchange currency, or just find an ATM. I'm probably going to go the ATM route, but we'll see what Allan says.