a bit of sight seeing

Saturday, August 26, 2000, at 11:08AM

By Eric Richardson

Over the last two days I've seen a little bit of the area around here. I really don't need to say that it's awesome; you can probably guess that. I will anyway, though. It's awesome.

On Friday we drove up highway 1 to the central coast (and the town of Woy Woy... heh). It was far too cold to really enjoy the beach, but that didn't lessen the scenery.

Yesterday we rode the train over to the Olympic Park and walked around there. Stadium Australia looks amazing. I can't wait to see inside it. Things are still very much under construction, with everyone working feverishly to get things ready for the start of the games.

Speaking of the trains, the rail system around Sydney is pretty nice. It's not quite BART, but it's not at all bad. The trains are cool looking two-story affairs. I took a little video in the Olympic Park station; I'll probably put that up as soon as I get around to getting it on the computer.

The fact that I can bring all my stuff over here and pretty much just have it work still amazes me. I only have one thing I had to stick a power convertor on; the rest just needed plug adaptors.

Time to get ready for church... A 10am service is really agreeing with me compared to the 8:30am one I normally go to.