Thursday, September 14, 2000, at 05:03AM

By Eric Richardson

I went to see a gymnastics training session today. It was very cool. Olympic gymnists are amazing, and even more so in person. They're just crazy. Click for more.

Today was also my first time inside Olympic Park with people there. Fun fun. It's a very cool place. I want to go back sometime when they're taping the Today show and get in the crowd shot.

In work stuff, the new site is supposed to go live sometime today. It's 3am, and I'm still working out issues with the site generation software. Gar. I think it'll all come together, though. It's only taking time because of my desire to avoid the quick and dirty hack. I'm building software here, not one-time scripts.

Later on today (I keep trying to say tomorrow, but it really is today now) I 'm going to Darling Harbour to pick up swimming tickets from a friend of my uncle. I'll probably just go there and back, though, and not hang out down-town. That's what Sunday is for. We have volleyball tickets for 9am at Bondi, so I'm planning on taking the day off after that to hang out down there. That'll be cool.

Back to work, I guess.