muah haha

Tuesday, September 12, 2000, at 05:37PM

By Eric Richardson

Perl likes me. No matter how crazy of an idea I can come up with, it'll let it work. Today's fun game was to overload a sub with the option of still calling the original sub. Guess what; it's not only possible, but even easy.

The following code does my wishes flawlessly:

my $qual = qualify_to_ref("eThreads::viewer::view_post",caller);
$vp_ref = *{$qual}{CODE};
no strict 'refs';
*{qualify("eThreads::viewer::view_post",caller)} = &view_post;

sub view_post {return sub {
my $class = shift;
my %post = @_;
unshift @_, $class;

if ($post{child_of}) {

I apologize for the lack of tabbing, but I'm too lazy to work that out right now.

All in all, a fun little exercise.