video and a symphony

Tuesday, September 26, 2000, at 06:40PM

By Eric Richardson

I'm finally getting around to linking to a couple video clips I've done while I've been here. Also, last night I saw the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. Quite an experience.

The first video is from LA airport and my first little bit here. The camera work is fairly awful.

Video 1

The second clip includes gymnastics training and water polo, as well as some general stuff around Sydney.

Video 2

I've got some more footage I'll probably make into something a bit later.

Switching gears a little, last night I decided to get some culture and headed out with a couple people from here to see NZSO - Antartica. The NZSO would be the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The first part of the evening was basically a showcase for an incredibly good percussionist whose name I never really heard. She was all over the place, playing many different instruments including a very cool bit on the xylophone. I was impressed.

The second part was a film about Antartica accompanied by the Orchestra. It was billed as being about an explorer's expedition there, but ended up being much more just shots of the landscape and weather conditions. I enjoyed it.