Monday, November 13, 2000, at 11:04AM

By Eric Richardson

For all the hype over Napster, etc, I have to say that's regular artist section is the best thing to ever happen to web music. Where else can you hear the Red Elvises (Your Favorite Band) or Buddhakowski? Click for links to a couple artists a like right now.

I've had some Holly Long songs for a while now. The other day I dowloaded some new songs I liked, so I went and bought her CD City Girl from Amazon. It's pretty good. It's interesting how some of her older songs have been redone a lot more upbeat and with more accompaniment. I'm not too sure whether I like that or not. Definitely a worthwhile CD, though.

I actually just found Deena Noroian today. Of the songs at, I really like Sitting on Top of the World and The Story of a Girl.

I've also been listening to Dog Party. They're a little more formulaic, though.