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new look

It was a snow day today, so I redid the look for this site. I've had a couple looks I've never quite finished lately, so that last look made it since August. That's a long time for me to keep from changing it.

This one sort of came together pretty quickly. I did the logo first, and then scraped together a look to go with it. Style stuff is now in a stylesheet, as well, so that should cut load time.

retro (take 3)

So apparently the first time I imported the old eWorld_news data I only got the first two paragraphs of each post. I've redone it and gotten the whole of each post now.

PJ Harvey

So PJ Harvey is in Chicago this Friday. To say that I would love to go to this is an understatement. I'm listening to her concert from Toronto right now.

let's go retro (part 2)

Also from the stuff that i've been meaning to do category, I just brought over a bunch of old screenshots and put them here.

let's go retro

I just imported the old eWorld_news entries from ages past. Click here to start from the beginning and work forward. The earlier entry is just over two years old. I find it amusing that on December 28, 1998, I seemed to think I would be using Mozilla within days. Here we are at the end of 2000, and I still can't use it for everyday browsing.

This stuff is a trip... Weird memories...

audio equipment

I've been pricing audio equipment tonight. I never realized a single Shure wireless kit cost like $400 just for the bottom of the line UHF (VHF is cheaper, but I'm not counting it) model. Yikes.

Requiem for a Dream

I have to say that the website for Requiem for a Dream is the freakiest site I've ever seen in Flash. I'd hate to see it over a modem, but over cable it looks awesome.

I wish we got movies like this around here. But no... I have to wait until it comes out on video before I can even hope to be able to see it. Requiem is showing on 78 screens right now. That sounds ok, but compare that to a bland run of the mill movie like Bounce, which is showing on 2014 screens. I can't wait until I leave here.

grumble grumble gar

I've been sitting on this CVS content mamangement stuff for far too long now, and it's nowhere near done. My problem is that I'm still waivering on exactly what I want to do. What exactly am I creating here? Click for more... — Continue Reading...