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I just installed a new version of Lyx (my word processor of choice) and found that it now supports rcs version control. That's awesome. While I doubt I'll see much of a market for side-by-side diffs of English papers, it's awesome to be able to see the evolution of a doc.


So apparently someone found the verbal intercourse section of this site searching for intercourse on excite. I find that funny. I should check out some other search engines for that...

Danielson Famile

(reposted from temp home page) What's up with the fact that I'm seeing the Danielson Famile in fairly mainstream places these days? This time it's on Freaky. I saw two of their videos on rolling stone's site not too long back, too. "Sing it to yourself now..."

a little speedup

This should help things out some. Click if you care to know the specifics of what I did. — Continue Reading...

back, sort of

So the first thing you'll notice here is that loading stuff from this part of the site right now is going to be pretty slow. I realize this, and I'm working on it. Basically you're getting content delivered from a slow line in Michigan by way of a stop in California. I need to optimize the db calls so that we spend as little time in MI as possible.