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it's that phone time of year...

So Ericsson announced their new phones at Cebit whenever it was (I wasn't paying attention, apparently), and they've got two that look really nice. The T39 is basically the evolution of the T28 (which I have), taking the same form factor and adding tri-band (T28 was 900/1900, tri-band is 900/1800/1900), Bluetooth, GPRS, a PIM (I would love this on the T28), WAP, infrared, predictive text input, and a battery capable of freaky alien-like standby and talk times. I want this. I want this now. Unfortunately, it's not available until Q2.

The T68 takes the collness award, bringing color into the phone picture. Still, though, I'd take the T28/T39 form factor over color any day.

late march in michigan

So it's late March now and winter is trying to defy the turn of spring around here. A couple inches of snow this morning, and the possibility of many more in the next 24 hours or so. Fun, eh? We're supposed to open our baseball season on Wednesday. The forecast? Snow. High of 35.

Friday I'm off to Florida for a week. When I get back, the weather better have caught up with the times.

realserver logs

So today I'm taking a little break from eThreads work to mess around with RealServer log parsing some. A while back I wrote some scripts for parsing the log files we had at Gospelcom, so I've got a good start. Click to see the kind of stuff this means I have to deal with... — Continue Reading...

verbal intercourse

I just put up a bunch of new material in the verbal intercourse section. Several English essays, as well as just some other stuff I found and deemed worthy of posting.

more eThreads

I'm working on architecture stuff. Click if you care to read. — Continue Reading...


So I got my acceptance letter from USC the other day. Combined with my visit to Georgia State (not that there was anything particular wrong with the school, it just didn't seem the place for me), that makes my choice right now between USC and Biola. It looks like I'll be heading out to LA April 12 - 13 to visit both and attempt to make up my mind.

That means that I get to spend more time in warm places... It was around 70 last week in Atlanta, and on the 30th I head down to Florida for Spring Break. After all this time in Michigan, I'm excited about actually feeling warmth.

fun with numbers

The other day I finished a 10 minute and 13 second phone call at 10:13pm. For a second I thought my phone was messed up, then I realized it was right.

My car hit 100,000 miles on Saturday. I got to my house Friday night with 99,999 miles on the odometer. That was kind of cool. It got me thinking about how few times the odometer has only 1s and 0s. I know, that's odd, but it's really what I thought about.

linux section updates

I just put up a new screenshot in the Linux section. I don't have anything really cool to do a screenshot of, but I was writing some scripts to automate the process so I figured I might as well do one. I also added thumbnail images of the shots to that page. It's more for look than anything.

mostly back

So I fixed my little libstdc++ debacle today. Now I'm back in Mozilla.

Part of my reason for upgrading libstdc++ was to install a new copy of AlephOne (the open source version of Marathon). It still amazes me that there's active development of Marathon and its scenarios. Yesterday I got the Marathon 2 data files working with Aleph One (I bought an M2 cd a while ago when I found it for $5). Fun stuff. I love this game.


(still posting from w3m...) Tonight's Futurama was hilarious, mostly because of the fact that it involved a lot of penguins. It's hard not to be funny when penguins are involved. I don't usually watch this show, but if they're all as good as tonight's was, I might have to start.

more brokenness

So now I've managed to end up with not only a broken httpd, but also broken browsers (both Netscape and Mozilla thanks to a little libstdc++ upgrade). So now I'm sitting here with a big transparent Eterm running w3m. I'm typing this post in vim, which is cool, but I really would prefer to get my nice little graphical browser back. Click for a little info about w3m...
Continue Reading...

i broke httpd

So the other day I decided I really needed mod_rewrite compiled into Apache on my machine. No problem... Just grab a new copy of the current Apache source, compile, install, and... nothing. No errors, no httpd. Nothing.

How am I supposed to debug that?