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paper's done...

I am definitely the only one in my class who compiles their research paper... lyx outputs LateX. Edit LateX file. Run texi2dvi. Run dvips. Out comes paper.

American History X (again)

So while waiting for Lyx to compile I found that there's a DVD version of American History X in German.

research paper

So I have a research paper due tomorrow. It's now 12:30; the paper's due in twelve hours or so. I write papers in Lyx, but I don't even have it installed at the moment. Hmmm... — Continue Reading...

American History X

So last night Kathy and I rented American History X on DVD since she hadn't seen it. Looking at the menu, something very odd stuck out to me... How can American History X have a language submenu? The thought of the movie dubbed into Spanish or something is just very odd... So I went to it and found the options for "Language" were English 2-channel and English 5.1. Subtitles? English or none.


I broke it. One errant keystroke and the Redhat installer leaves me with a totally wiped out system. As I sit here running twm and staring at a blank background, I'm left with a very harsh reminder that one keystroke can make an enormous difference.

installing Redhat 7.1

So the other day I decided to finally send my many year old Redhat 5.1 install back to the bitbucket and install fresh. This would leave me a new copy of Redhat 7.1, and no more dependancy woes every time I tried to make an upgrade. Unfortunately, things for me are never that easy. — Continue Reading...