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my day in a nutshell

I just watched a slideshow of about 2500 webcam images. Hehe... It's really funny watching me scurry around, and thanks to feh I didn't even have to figure out how to convert it to video. I just set the slideshow delay to 0.1 seconds and was off.

"why i'm not a java programmer"

Interesting article on O'ReillyNet talking about why one programmer chooses Perl over Java. I get this same thing a lot, where people ask me why I don't write Java. For me, the answer has always been that "I haven't found something that I can't do in Perl." There have been times where I've wanted to learn C, but I've really just gotten stuck on the fact that in the time I could learn the basics of anything else, I could write the entire project I wanted in Perl.

SIMMS and smoke bombs

So today I went looking for some SIMMs I knew I had lying around. I ended up finding them in the same drawer as a bag of smoke bombs. I find that amusing.

geCam on eScripting

I've redone my graphical webcam frontend today and released it over at eScripting. While the camera stuff is cool in and of itself, the coolest thing to me is the ObjGTK module it uses. With this I can create complicated GTK guis with very little fuss. Much fun to be had by all.

camera now live

Ok, so I cleaned things up in my room today, and rearranged everything so that there's no time where the bed is in view of the camera. This frees me back up to put the camera live.

I still need to do some stuff like write checking in for xscreensaver to make sure i'm not taking tons of pictures while I'm not here, so don't be surprised if it goes down some. I'll also try soon to fix the code for updating the thumbnail on the right.


I just killed IRIX.

PANIC: IRIX Killed due to internal Error
at PC:0x88141750 ep:0xffffc368

It seems IRIX would be one of those non-dying OS's... Odd.

GTK-Perl magic

Yesterday I wrote what might be the coolest little library I've ever written. I love GTK-Perl, but hate the pain of creating GUIs by hand. I know there's Glade, but I don't really like the way Glade-Perl packages the GUI. So yesterday I wrote a little library with one call that allows me to create a window and all the widgets inside them, packed as they should be. It's really a beautiful thing. As soon as I tweak all the bugs out, I'll post it on eScripting.