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ultimate frisbee

Yesterday I played ultimate frisbee with USC's ultimate club, S.C.U.M. All I can say is, wow, I'm out of shape. Ultimate will definitely make you pay for that. It was a lot of fun, though, and I think I'm going to try to start running and keep playing. I definitely need to concentrate on fluids before playing, though.

done with classes for the week

So I just finished my last thing this week, a discussion for Medieval Civilizations. Now it's time to start getting ready for USC football tomorrow, as we open up against the Spartans of San Jose State. I can't wait. Classes were interesting this week. I think they'll be decent. I'll post more about them later.

first class (part 2)

So I just got back from Medieval Civilizations. It sounds like the class should be interesting. There are a lot of books for it, so I know I'll be reading a lot, but both the books and the professor seem interesting. Now I get to fool around until 5pm when I go to Spanish II. I'm not looking forward to that... No hablo espanol.

first class

My first class, Medieval Civilizations, is in 20 minutes. Now we get to the other part of that whole "college" thing.


So today I went to Santa Monica and bought a skateboard. I needed a mode of transportation around campus, so I got a longboard for cruising. I'm not good. I haven't killed myself yet, though, so there's hope for me yet.

up and running

I just got a long enough ethernet cable to reach my computer, so I'm now officially up and running. I'll write more when I'm not so hungry... Right now it's definitely lunch time.

at USC

So I'm here at USC now and starting to get into the swing of things. Last night I got all checked into my room, and today I wandered around the halls meeting people. Much fun. More later.

packing up

So tomorrow I head out to USC. In a couple minutes I'll be taking apart my computer and packing it up to ship it out. In honor of all this, I decided to put up an appropriate look. I'll change it again once I get settled in.

debugging gar

I've spent much of this afternoon in the eThreads get_posts code. I set out to fix a fairly simple looking problem, and maybe even clean up a few things. I ended up realizing that my entire paradigm for approaching the problem was wrong, and am now sitting here pondering how to re-approach it. Gar.

an update

I know I've been a little absent here lately, so I figure I should give a little update on my life. I just got back from a little 8-day 3000+ mile road trip with Kathy. We headed down to South Carolina for a couple days, and then went to New Jersey. The trip also included sitting second row at a Yankees game, an experience I doubt I've ever be able to repeat. Now I'm here in Michigan for just under two weeks before flying out to California on the 21st (move-in day is the 22nd).

Primetime Glick

I just watched the Primetime Glick with Regis Philbin. Wow. Funny stuff.