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I just put together a list of cool songs for a friend of mine and realized there's a lot of music I listen to that I've never mentioned here. As such, click for a list of songs and bands I'm listening to a lot right now. — Continue Reading...

new essay in verbal intercourse

So I've now written my first college essay and posted it in the verbal intercourse section. It's titled "Augustine's Views of Sin and Grace in the Confessions" and I'm sure will be interesting to absolutely no one. I'm posting it any way in the hopes it'll give me the number one result for "intercourse confessions" or something like that...

eThreads work

So I've spent most of the evening finishing up some eThreads work for Gospelcom. Have I ever mentioned that I love eThreads? — Continue Reading...


So today walking across the street I saw an ad for the movie Zoolander. I knew it was Ben Stiller, and I thought it was Owen Wilson, so I looked it up and found the trailer. I hope they can keep this up for the entire movie. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller are really funny together, and they've got a lot of other great people involved.

i own the student council speech

I can now say it's official that I own the student council speech. For a while now my speech from last year has been the number one result for the query on google, but now I've found it's also number one on, and number two on

In unrelated news, I'm the top two results on google if you search for "foot intercourse". I'm not quite sure what to make of the fact that I actually saw that in my referer log.

new beginnings

I'm not entirely hooked, but I've decided to put this look up for now. We'll see how long it lasts. I apologize to those of you on Netscape. I'll see what I can do, but I think Netscape compatibility is officially dead. Long live Mozilla.

Golden Gate Tunnel

The Golden Gate Tunnel website is great. The Overview and FAQ pages are particularly funny. Some people just have way too much time on their hands. (via Memepool)

makeshift computing

So I put in a temporary power supply fan. Granted, it doesn't fit right, but my computer hasn't died yet. I've put up a makeshift computing page with some pictures.

computer issues

My power supply fan apparently decided to die yesterday, so now I'm nursing my computer along until I can get a new one. Right now I've got my case sprawled along the floor, with the power supply and a couple hard drives outside it. I've temporarily replaced the PS fan with another fan I had on hand, and I've got a 16" room fan blowing across the whole deal. I'll try to get a picture if I can hook up my webcam.


Tonight I walked from USC to downtown with a guy from my floor. It was a highly entertaining trip, if only for the crazy people we met. It's a little hike, though... My quads are tired.

USC 21, SJSU 10

So today was my first USC football game. Even though the Coloseium really wasn't that full, it was still cool. Our seats were at the 40 yard line about 20 rows up, so you definitely can't complain about that. USC's offense showed definite promise, never fearing to mix in some unusual plays. Next week's going to be awesome. Kansas State's definitely going to be putting up a little more fight than the SJSU Spartans.