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site change

So, I've always hated those scrollbars, but been too big of a fan of the semi-transparency to get rid of them. Now, however, I can have my cake and eat it too. background-image... mmmm...

back to business

So I got back from SF on Sunday. Much fun there, now it's back to the grind of everyday life. Right now I'm working on a paper on the Two Lives of Charlemagne, originally due Monday, but which I got an extension on. I hate writing about things I'm completely uninspired about. Gar. I'll suck it up, take my time, and do a good job on this one, though.

I also dropped Spanish today. I hate Spanish, and was going to struggle through the remaining three quarters of the year. Instead I'm going to start Latin at the semester, which I'm really looking forward to.

Live - Simple Creed

I know this song's been all over the radio, but I'm still a big fan of it. I think this came out of the same colaboration that resulted in Tricky's Evolution Revolution Love. I like Live, and I like seeing Tricky get pulled out of his genre a little. Also from the V album: People Like You and Forever May Not Be Long Enough.

muah haha

I'm writing this from sjc3, one of's colos in San Jose. I now once again have my own colo'ed server. Web is still elsewhere right now, but I just moved the databases for the site over, and things are much faster (1 hop between web and db, instead of many). I am a happy man. When I get back to LA my web presence can finally get back into swing.

on breaking computers

So today I decide I really need to take the IDE drive out of my computer. I have three drives, I'm not really doing much with the IDE drive, no problem. Except that that's my boot drive, and I've never tried booting SCSI on this machine. Of course, I push on. Fun ensues. Click for more. — Continue Reading...

Shea Seger - Blind Situation

I heard of Shea Seger because she's been touring with John Mayer. I'm mixed on a lot of her songs, but I really like Blind Situation. It's really down-tempo with some rap (by a rapper I haven't heard of -- Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes). Always and Twisted are also cool.

qmail hacking

So tonight I had to figure out a very quick way to get email into a host inside the USC network. This wouldn't seem to be a problem, except that USC blocks port 25 traffic at some router level. Hackery was definitely called for, as ISD was probably going to be far slower than was acceptable for our purpose. Click for details... — Continue Reading...

you know it's a weird day...

You know it's a weird day when you totally make up code and it works the first way you try. Especially when this code involves storing and retrieving nested arrays from Storable... The diff from my eThreads changes on the night is 2394 lines at the moment. Needless to say, I've tackled a huge chunk of code.

Tricky - Bury the Evidence

I've always liked Tricky. As he's released new albums they've all been different -- none really better, just different. Bury the Evidence is an emotion song more than anything else, starting slow and building.

gar qmail gar djb gar

I both hate and love qmail. It's fast, it's secure, but it's a complete pain in the ass to get running. djb and his "unique" way of doing things don't make anything any easier.

Rita Lynch - All Dressed Up

Rita Lynch is another in the long line of Bristol artists. All Dressed Up is my favorite of the songs I've heard, most likely because of its emotion. Also good songs: Beautiful Eyes, Baby I Wonder, and Far Away.

yellow dog

I installed Linux on a G4 Mac tonight. That's a weird feeling... It wasn't the easiest process, dealing with a SCSI card that caused a kernel panic and then working through video issues. Video ended up being a real hack, but it only mattered for installation. End result? A G4 now a server running Linux. Muah hahaha...