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Tonight is a code night. I have my Intershop contract to finish, and some stuff I want to do to eThreads. It's been a long time since I've been in a proper coding mood, but tonight I'm feeling it. I've got Massive Attack going, and in a few minutes I'm going to head over to Commons and stock up on the Arizona iced tea. Mmmm... Productivity...

gar sybase gar

So I finally figure out that it's sp_help that should be my sybase "show fields from" equivalent, and what happens? It won't work for me. Sure, 'sp_help' lists all the tables, but 'sp_help tablename' does nothing for me. Please, someone, find me work on a fun db, on software where product ids that are numbers are defined as chars and have dashes in them for no apparent reason.

harvard debate

I just watched/listened to the Lessig vs. Valenti debate from Harvard last year. Interesting, but it left me more unfulfilled than anything. Jack Valenti didn't really debate. To paraphrase Lessig, when you give an answer, you have to give a reason. Jack Valenti didn't give reasons. When asked why something was right, he'd say that it was right because the courts said so, or the current law says so. I know what the law says. I know what the courts have said. I don't agree. I think the DMCA is unconstitutional. I want to know why this should be the law.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a different story, but I doubt it. If nothing else, hopefully the Napster case won't be involved. The DMCA repercussions and repercussions of the deCSS case are far more fundamental than those of Napster.

Lessig vs. Valenti Debate

Tomorrow night Annenberg is hosting a debate between Jack Valenti, President of the MPAA, and Lawrence Lessig, an IP lawyer, on the future of IP. This is apparently a long-running debate series, possibly originating with a debate at Harvard. It should be interesting. Yesterday I was helping someone write a paper on copyright and IP. It's a really interesting subject, and one that's actually made me think about going into law, though the chances of that happening are slim.

google and intercourse

If you do a search for intercourse on Google, you'll find my verbal intercourse section as result number 111. That's not a high ranking. In fact, it's surrounded by several references talking about painful intercourse. Not exactly what you expect to be a high traffic area. And yet, people consistantly not only make that search and are that far down in the results, but click on my site. How can this be? Why? What do they hope to find down here?


I'm working on a contract that involves a little scripting for Intershop's e-commerce software, and all I have to say is that it's the only product I've ever seen to use more tables than I do. I'm realize they've got people with a whole lot more knowledge on the subject working on this type of stuff, but why does everything have to be so convoluted?

new in verbal

Two more things I've written and just neglected to put online are now in verbal intercourse. The first, Snow Crash vs. Brave New World is a research paper I did this spring. Charlemagne: Characteristics of a Leader is a paper I wrote a couple weeks ago for Medieval Civilizations.

new writing in thoughts

A lot has gone on over the past few months that I've been here in California. I went through a lot of ups and downs, and as usual that led me to write. I've made a good portion of what I wrote during that time available in thoughts under the section Fall 2001: on breakups and renewal.

slight fix

So I just fixed it so title links only show up in posts that have bodies. I realize before it was impossible to figure out if a post had a body without clicking on it. This fixes that.

new interview in verbal

I recently (a couple weeks ago now) had an assignment which involved interviewing a professor. I looked through the USC Experts Directory, and ended up contacting Professor Irving Biederman, who agreed to do the interview. The subject matter was really interesting to me, so I've put my interview with Professor Biederman up in verbal intercourse.


On September 23, I posted an essay on my site, and wrote that "I'm posting it any way in the hopes it'll give me the number one result for 'intercourse confessions' or something like that..."

Today I check google, and what do I find? Numbers one and two, thank you very much. Google loves me.

Guster - Either Way

I saw Guster in concert last winter when they opened for Barenaked Ladies. To be honest, I enjoyed their set, but didn't really think any more of it. Recently I downloaded some of their stuff, and I really like their sound. Other good songs: Airport Song, Two Points for Honesty, and What You Wish For.