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i love ssh

I love the fact that I just upgraded the firmware on my router without losing my ssh connection to the host my email's on. Downtime was probably a minute or two, then ssh just figured things back out. At school I used to move my notebook between rooms, plug back in, and keep my session. That was always fun.


I just downloaded and installed a program called x2x on my two Indys. I can now pretend it's xinerama as I scroll my mouse off one screen and onto the other, controlling both from a single mouse and keyboard.


This week and next week I'm commuting down to Holland, MI, ever day to do some contract work for The Image Group. It's Intershop work, so it's not exactly fun or clean, but hey, it's work, it's money, and it's sort of Perl.

it's snowing

As I walked to lunch today, it was snowing. Now it's snowing harder. The ground's not that cold so I doubt any will stick, but still... Snow... And I'm wearing sandals.

back home

I'm now back in Michigan, writing this from one of my trusty SGI Indys. These boxes are definitely not fast, but they're functional. And the internal speaker on an Indy is amazingly good.

4:10am -- T minus 4 hours and 20 minutes

Things are starting to take shape. I've got three good pages in which I've outlined the theories of Hobbes, Locke, and Rawls. I've still got to do Gauthier, which brings me up to four pages at the conclusion of the first part of the prompt. The second basically takes the first and interprets it, which will go much faster.

1:53am -- T minus 6 hours and 37 minutes

Paper's still not going all that well. I've got a little more of an idea of what I want now, but things still aren't as directed as I'd like. I'm still hopeful I'll get done before the plane leaves, but I'm not holding out too much hope for getting any sleep beforehand.

10:24pm -- T minus 10 hours and 6 minutes

I really haven't gotten far on the paper. I don't have much inspiration for a direction to take it. I feel like I need a lot more comprehensive information on each author, yet I really only need to write a page on each. While not really writing I've packed, and prepared my paper contingency plan: my Palm III and GoType keyboard. I have no plan or desire put put this plan into effect, but hey, it's always good to be prepared.

almost there

One more paper to write, and the semester is over. This one is the final for Liberal Political Theory and the Social Contract, and basically involves summarizing everything we've talked about. 7 - 8 pages, not due until Thursday, but since I take off tomorrow morning I've got to get it done tonight. Fun fun. It's going to be a late night, and then I get to sleep on the plane.

knee jerk reaction

Oh wow. If I didn't just post a song of the moment five minutes ago, this would be one. Back in the day, when I was an junkie, I found a band called Knee Jerk Reaction. Let's define their music style by saying that they have to link to the defintions for "cooper pairs", "lepton", and "acetate" in their lyrics page. I figured they were some crazy joke, although a very good one. Now I find out they have a new cd coming out in a couple weeks, and they're playing at the El Rey on Jan 30. I'm so there. Wow.

Deena Noroian - One Step Closer

A couple years ago I used to listen to Deena Noroian's songs Sitting on Top of the World and Story of a Girl. I was just looking her back up and found One Step Closer. Hehe... Good stuff. Yes, that is the Linkin Park song.

5:30am -- T minus 2 hours and 30 minutes

Done, and very happy with the result. I've put it up in verbal intercourse as Justification of Rights in Social Contract Theory, a title much more boring than the paper itself. Now I'm off to my nap before class.