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WAP launch

For those of you with WAP phones, i'm putting the WAP content I'm playing around with at

Feel free to check it out, though I can guarantee the site will contain little of substance.


So today I finally got around to trekking downtown and getting my cell number changed to be local here in LA. Somehow this got me heaps of free night and weekend minutes, so I decided to add WAP to my account and play around. Of course, being me, I can't be content to just browse... No... I must create WAP content.

So now my fun for the night is figuring out how to write WML and make wbmp's.

corporate ethics

So I'm sitting here trying to write another page about corporate ethics. I'm really not all too excited by this, as it really means I should come up with some more good sources to quote, and I really don't have any desire to. The problem with reading so much Plastic and Slashdot is that while I have well-reasoned opinions on a lot of things, I don't exactly have much quotable source material to go off of. Oh well... I'll make it. If nothing else I'll ramble about Microsoft.

julian coryell and jeremy toback

One of the things I love most about LA is the sheer number of cool shows I have the chance to go see. This Saturday another one rolls around, and, assuming I can find a ride, I'll be there. This one is Jeremy Toback and Julian Coryell at The Press in Pomona (or Claremont, depending on who you ask). I saw Jeremy Toback here at USC in the fall and enjoyed his show, but I'm really excited to see Julian Coryell. KCRW's Morning Eclectic has a really cool live set of his. Check it out.

Red Elvises Again

So I went and saw the Red Elvises show on Saturday. I was definitely pleased. They played all the older songs I like, along with some new stuff I hadn't heard before. All in all, they just put on a fun show. They were definitely drunk, and drinking the whole time, but I think this just put them in their element. I plan to once again be in the audience when they return in March.

The Charlatans - I Just Can't Get Over Losing You

It figures that I would hear about The Charlatans three days after their LA show. Their album "Wonderland" was rated by Ink Blot Magazine as the number one cd of 2001, and fits nicely in the supremely listenable category of brit-pop. Other great songs off "Wonderland": And If I Fall, Judas, and You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty.

Red Elvises 6th Anniversary

The Red Elvises are having their 6th anniversary show this Saturday, Jan 19, at Rusty's Surf Ranch. I saw the Red Elvises in Ann Arbor a couple years ago, and their live show was great. After just missing them last time they were at Rusty's, I have no intention of missing this.

Danielson Famile - Rallying the Dominoes

I really don't know what I can say about the Danielson Famile other than wow. There really is no way to describe the way they sound. All I can say is, ummm, well, sometimes they play music, and sometimes they have really high voices. Songs to definitely find: Good News for the Puss Pickers, A No No, Smooth Death, and Rubbernecker. Definitely find the video for Rubbernecker, too. Just odd... And yet, addicting.

new look

So I posted the new look yesterday and it's really starting to grow on me. I still need to tweak link colors a bit, but other than that I'm happy with how things turned out. I've really missed having the sidebar from the transit look. I'll have the old look, 14.0, in the looks section shortly.

Massive Attack - Safe from Harm

Over break I listened exclusively to CDs, since my mp3s were here in California. Massive Attack's Blue Lines has been one of my favorite albums for several years now, and, though I may go long times without listening to it, each listen reenforces just how classic these songs are. Hymn of the Big Wheel, Unfinished Symphony, and Daydreaming are other great songs.


I just got around to creating a favicon image. Granted, from the icon you have absolutely no chance of being about to see the image, but you'll see it larger when I get around to finishing up and rolling out a new site design. I've been floating some ideas around my head, and I think something should come out soon. I've been looking to eWorld looks 7.0 and 8.0 for inspiration.

new toy

Two days ago I picked up an ancient SGI Personal IRIS. R3K 20MHZ CPU, 32MB RAM, and a 676MB HD. Yes, it's not much now, but you have to understand that this system was released -- with these specs -- in 1990. For the time, this thing was a horse. The P.I. line was the workhorse of computer video effects for years. Click for more... — Continue Reading...