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As part of getting the songs I was listening to up here, this afternoon I wrote a fun little song info editor in GTK-Perl. I called it gsonginfo, and stuck it over at eScripting. Check out the screenshot and then marvel at how the gsonginfo script is only 266 lines (and a good number of those are comments and GPL).

stupid busywork

So for today I have to write a "rough plan" for my next paper. Not a rough draft, a "rough plan." Basically, I have to write the most nebulus outline you can imagine, and turn it in. Woo hoo. Do they really expect me to think about a paper before I write it?

Joseph Arthur - In the Sun

I actually heard of Joseph Arthur because I have a copy of Howie Day covering In the Sun. However, after getting around to checking him out and listening to a set he did on Morning Becomes Eclectic, I decided he needed a post here. Hopefully I'll get to see him sometime if he ever gets back from his European tour.

playing right now

I've put another little dynamic element on the front page. Continuing this music theme, this one is "playing right now". It's just a little glimpse of what I'm playing at the moment. Eventually I'll write a little more of an interface to this and you'll be able to see a bigger view. Also, for a while expect to see some cryptic names like dispatch2001-12-15d2t02.shn until I can get artists and titles into the db.

on the joys of pdfs

A lot of my professors feel the need to assume that everyone in the world has Word and distribute files accordingly. I really don't like that. That's why when I get a professor who puts up a document in a nice clean PDF file, I really appreciate it. I use PDFs all the time. I output all my papers into them, and then have no problem printing them elsewhere. Why can't everyone understand that there are more platforms in the world than just Microsoft? We have cross-platform document standards, people, use them.

getting back in the game

I devoted a good chunk of yesterday to getting myself back into feeling like I'm on the cutting edge. A large part of that was getting devel code for Enlightenment 0.17 installed and configured. I've put up a screenshot in the linux section. Once a few more things get ironed out, I'll be ready to move to that for day to day use.

I also finally got Aleph One compiled and working. Early on at Gospelcom we used to play Marathon every night. I've always liked it better than any of the games that came after (Quake, etc).

another night, another paper

Tonight I get to write a 4-5 page critical analysis of Judith Jarvis Thomson's 1971 paper 'A Defense of Abortion.' Woo hoo. I know basically how I want to argue, so I don't think it'll be too much of a deal. I plan to be done within 3 hours. Knowing me, though, that won't happen. I waste too much time when I'm supposed to be writing... Like now, for instance.

xml fun

So today I made my first little thing with XSLT. Basically my concept was to be able to dump out eThreads post meta info in XML and then format it via XSLT. So this demo (which may well only work in Mozilla) demonstrates how that might work. I don't really know that this is too useful, though.

the woes of too many interests

I really need to narrow myself down and actually focus on something instead of letting my projects go with my interests. In the last couple weeks I've messed around with many things, and mastered none of them. Projects I've been playing around with lately: mysql over ssh port forwarding, restricting an ssh user to scp into certain directories, communicating with smart cards, learning C, learning XSLT, and writing WAP applications. I'm sure there's more than I'm just forgetting.

this is why I'm in California

It's 75 degrees outside and perfectly sunny. A little while ago I spent 45 minutes sitting in a boat in the middle of campus. Tonight I'm going to see Howie Day and OAR at House of Blues on Sunset. Classes? What classes?

Howie Day

This afternoon Chris and I headed down to Sunset and bought tickets for Howie Day and OAR at House of Blues on Monday night. Howie's opening, and other shows he's gotten around 40 minutes. Hopefully that'll be the case again, since I'm definitely not going for OAR. That said, we'll probably stay for them.

new hard drive

My new hard drive came in today... 60GB for audio. Mmmmm... Finally I can actually start grabbing stuff off Furthur. Right now I'm listening to a Tenacious D show and downloading a Howie Day compilation set.