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Red Elvises. Rusty's. Tomorrow. 10pm.

Need I say more? All those in the LA area should be there, no questions asked.


The mpeg4ip project looks really interesting. Though it's been around for a little over a year now, I just ran into it the other day. It's a CISCO backed effort to create a standard protocol for video streaming. This includes the creation of a patent-free baseline codec, player, encoder, and server. Very cool stuff. I'm compiling it right now.

if only all boring classes had computers

I would be much happier if I had the ability to read Plastic and Slashdot in all my boring classes.

We're supposed to be learning how to do research right now. Instead, we're sitting here, waiting for a no-show reference librarians. Those irresponsible librarians... always wasting my time.

a walk through history

So last night I was looking around the eThreads site, and found a bunch of old code I didn't even know I still had. Apparently my source archives actually contain a few remenants of the mSQL days, plus a full complement of versions with the eThreadsII core. Click to read fun things I found... — Continue Reading...

cool new stuff in whatsplaying

While fighting network suckage here at USC (45% packet loss over an hour or so), I added some cool new stuff to the what's playing scripts. You can now browse more than just the last ten plays, and can go into a song's info and see every time it's been played. I'll add more features later, but those are fun for now.

verbal reorganization

I've split my papers off of the main verbal intercourse page. They now have their own papers index. Eventually I'll integrate that into verbal more cleanly.

At the same time I've posted several new essays, so check those out.

back to the grind

So Spring Break went by much faster than it should have and now life is back to the mundane. Classes, trying to get productive, etc. Fun, fun, fun.

six more hours

Still writing... I'm onto my fifth page now, so I'm actually pretty much on schedule. My goal is to finish writing by 6. Then I have to make a run to the airport. Then I come back here, sleep for two hours, and then bone up on latin declensions until my midterm at 11. After that I turn my paper in, and it's all over. At noon, I sleep. Mmmm... Sleep...

ten more hours

Ten more hours, and all my troubles will be done for a week. Between now and then, though, the rest of a paper and a latin midterm. Things I've come to feel strongly about very recently:

1) I don't like Henry David Thoreau, and I really don't think he's all that smart or a good writer. Perhaps Civil Disobedience and the Plea for Captain John Brown are just bad examples.

2) I have no attention span.

3) I really know far less latin than I should.

Heather Nova - Gloomy Sunday

A friend of mine first played a Heather Nova cd for me a couple years ago. I liked it, but had sort of forgotten about her in the time since. The other day I downloaded a bunch of songs, and remembered why I so liked the songs I did. Other good songs, Help Me Be Good to You, Maybe an Angel, and I'm Alive.


If you've looked at my linux section at all, you've probably noticed a lot of the descriptions linking to wallpaper at deviantart. Recently they redid their galleries to use a thumbnail browser, and the site's coolness has gone through the roof. It's now so much easier to look for cool papers than it ever was before.