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Y Tu Mama Tambien

So I know I should be posting in movies, but I'm lazy and that section's so ridiculously out of date anyway... This summmer I'll bring it back.

Anyway, tonight I went and saw Y Tu Mama Tambien. It was hilarious. No, I don't speak Spanish, so I did spend the entire movie reading, but I didnt think that distracted from it at all. The camera work was very natural and fluid. Scenes just sort of flowed. At times the camera almost seemed to just wander around a scene. The acting was also really well done. All in all, an enjoyable night. And then there was the hooker on Sunset, but we won't get into that here.

welcome to eThreads:evolution

So I just switched rantings over to the #{node "7"}eThreads#{/node}:evolution core (or eTevolution). You really won't notice much of a difference on the front-end, but I assure you there's a lot of cool new stuff going on in the backend that you just can't see. One thing you can see is the archives, which is linked to at the top of this page. I'll post more about the new backend later.

quote of the night

Paraphrasing Drew Pryor:

The number one thing I would tell you is... don't be a COMM major. We already know common sense, we don't need to major in it.

gar gar gar

It would make sense that the day before I have to take my COMM final, the USC email server would be borked up and I wouldn't be able to download the study guide... Typical...

cell phones

I really know more than most people should about cell phones. Everyone else just cares about making and receiving calls, and here I am looking at things like what Voicestream's LA build-out is going to do to Cingular's network saturation and the details of GPRS roaming.

Today I called Cingular and got changed to a newer rate plan (my 350 minute national plan went down $10), activated Wireless Internet Express (GPRS... 1mb included), and asked a lot of roaming questions. Wireless Internet will roam fine in Muskegon on NPI, and when I'm in Grand Rapids or Chicago I should be able to roam onto Voicestream's GPRS network. I've only done the most trivial playing with GPRS so far, but it's definitely faster and a quicker connect time. Now I just need to find a good way to monitor the traffic I put through it to keep from going over the 1mb cap.

T minus 9 hours

Today's target: a COMM 200 paper on the elaboration likelihood theory. Pound for pound, it's a decent theory, but not really something I'm relishing the idea of writing eight pages on. It's due at 9:30. It's going to be a long night. At noon my life is much better.

new paper in verbal

I just put a new paper in the papers section of verbal intercourse. This one is titled "Moral Obligation to Help," and examines whether we have a moral obligation to help others. I say that we do not, because the instances where help would be obligated are impossible to enumerate.

c project

So I've decided what the project I'm finally going to use to learn C will be. For a little over a month now, I've been logging song names in my whatsplaying database. This includes track information for a lot of SHN files that don't have any track information embedded in them. My project is to write a plugin for xmms that looks the song info up in whatsplaying and puts it in the xmms status bar.

this weekend

So this weekend I went up to a waterski tournament a little south of Bakersfield. It was an interesting weekend, to say the least. I sucked up the slalom, literally throwing myself at the first buoy after realizing I bombed my approach angle. I did better on trick, however, managing to stick both 180s and a couple of slides before I wiped out. I'm now burned, and a little sore.


Last night I heard dogs barking really late at night. Now, that may not seem unusual to you, but I live in south central LA at the moment, and there are no dogs around here. Dogs in the ghetto puzzle me.

more in verbal

Today I posted my newest paper in verbal intercourse. I've called it Scientology and Free Speech. Basically it's about Scientology's attempts to use copyright law to censor critics. It focuses on the Netcom case from 1995 - 1996, and the Google situation last month.

Tonight I get to write another paper, this one on moral oligation and whether we're obligated to help others. The articles I'm reading for research are pretty interesting, and I think the paper will come out well if I can get a handle on what I want to say.

Cheaters are Losers

As you probably know, I put the papers I write online in the papers section of verbal intercourse. I do this because I believe in the free exchange of information. However, the newest entry in verbal, an IM exchange I've titled Cheaters are Losers, shows that sometimes not everyone holds the same ideals.