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fun with audio

Currently my money-earning for the summer is doing contract audio work for Gospelcom. This work consists of taking audio Bibles and getting them online. These Bibles come in a number of formats (cds broken up by chapter, cds not broken up by chapter, tapes), which makes life fun. Anyway, I'm finally getting going on that and have started to get some fun stuff done to make my life easier. Click to read... — Continue Reading...

whatsplaying and google

Lately I've been getting a lot of hits into my site from google indexing a lot of what's playing content. Hence google likes me for John Mayer, Ben Harper, etc... I sort of feel guilty for this, since there's not a lot of good information there. Not guilty enough to put what's playing in robots.txt to keep it from being indexed, though... Oh well... I'll just try to get more useful content in there.

you know you're deep in code

You know you're deep in code when you sit down to write a little test script to see how something works and it comes out like the following... (Click to see) — Continue Reading...

Howie Day

So Howie Day is on Morning Becomes Eclectic right now. The archive should be up soon. I'm not sure what the turn-around is on those. Apparently Howie sold out the Troubadour for tonight. I'm telling you, by the time I get back out to school it's going to be hard to get tickets to his shows, just like happened with John Mayer. Oh for last fall, when I could find out about a show the day of and stand like 4 people back from the stage.

fun with perl

So right now I'm reading through Damian Conway's Object Oriented Perl, and I'm learning some cool little syntax stuff I didn't know. I'm sure most of you don't care, so I'll put it in the post body. Click to read more... — Continue Reading...

PJ Harvey - A Perfect Day Elise

Taking a step into older cds, this song is from PJ Harvey's 1998 album Is This Desire?. Though it was the first album of hers I ever bought, before a couple days ago I hadn't listened to it in a long time. I can say now that will not be a trend that continues.

back in business

So last night I drove to Chicago and picked up my computer. Today I set it up, and it feels really good to be back in my normal environment (instead of working off two SGI Indys).

it is time

After this post I tear my computer down...

getting ready to go

So pretty much everything except my computer is packed up now. The computer will get torn down tomorrow morning and will trek back to Chicago via my roommate's car. Assorted items I don't need over the summer will make their way to a friend's house in the area. The rest is in three heavy bags, waiting to board the plane with me and fly back to Michigan.

To do between now and noon tomorrow: return a video, turn in W-2s to financial aid, pick up some stuff from the Philosophy department, figure out the whole checkout process, vacuum the room, and maybe even sleep some.

DJ Shadow

Recently there was a really cool Morning Becomes Eclectic set with DJ Shadow. If you've never heard him before, or even if you have, I encourage you to check it out.

Phantom Planet - Turn, Smile, Shift, Repeat

The first time I heard of Phantom Planet was when they played a set in front of Tommy Trojan a couple months ago. Since then, of course, they've been all over the radio with their hit song "California." Though that song grows on me as I hear it more, their other stuff is what really impressed me most. Their album work is really well done, and has gotten a lot of play on my computer lately.

rodney branigan

So tonight I went and saw Rodney Branigan at The Cat Club. Chris and I came to the consensus that the only word appropriate is: wow. From start to finish, I was absolutely amazed. I liked the songs I had of his before, but they're nothing like seeing him in concert.

Adam Erick, rhythm guitarist for Live and brother of lead singer Ed Kowalczyk, opened for Rodney. He played a five or six song acoustic set of stuff he's written. Very cool, and I expect to be seeing more in the future from him and his new band "adam & the weight."