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gar windows gar

So as part of my job I spend most of my day in Adobe Premiere. Or, at least, I intend to... I swear Premiere spends as much time crashed as it does running. The setup I'm on includes a Canopus DVRexRT, which is very cool for doing realtime effects and such, but stability was obviously not on the requirement list. A Premiere/PC setup may save money over Avid and its ilk, but anyone going this route should really evaluate cost savings vs. loss of productivity.

And no, Final Cut Pro was not an option. The ability to do transitions and effects without rendering is integral to the specs, and FCP won't do that.

doh... headed for the inbox

This is never a good sign...

[(eric@gonzo)-([Wed June 26 9:36am])]
~: sudo qmail-qstat
messages in queue: 911
messages in queue but not yet preprocessed: 200

The numbers even got higher than that... Something in Gospelcom's installation of Intershop is haywire right now and sent me at least 5000 error messages. I was getting probably 100 per minute.

health quotes

Right now my task is to find inspirational quotes that correlate to the topics for health shows we'll be doing. I must say I've never really thought about how hard it is to find good quotes for "Health Over 70" and "Diabetic Living."

box office prophets

Recently I've started reading the site Box Office Prophets. It's not that I really care how much movies are going to gross (though I am interested in that), but where else can you get great lines like this: "I’m more than willing to suspend disbelief, but I am not willing to suspend you taking my common sense for a long ride, walking it to a secluded spot in the woods and going all Miller’s Crossing on its ass."

Heh. Read them. Laugh. Skip the number charts if you feel so inclined.

rosie thomas again

So I'm listening to the KCRW archive of her MBE appearance this morning, and the first thing that strikes me is "Wow, her voice is so much smaller when she's talking." That's crazy. Oddly enough, much the same could be said about Sarah, whose talking voice is much different than the one she sings with.

Rosie Thomas

Just looking through my email and saw that Rosie Thomas is tomorrow morning's guest on Morning Becomes Eclectic. I highly recommend checking it out. I'll be working, but I'll definitely be listening to the archive.

back from NJ

I just minutes ago got back from a weekend trip to New Jersey for my cousin's wedding. Brent, my cousin, married Sarah (whose website doesn't like my Mozilla or Linux), who is a singer/songwriter in New York. The wedding was on Sunday, so Kathy and I drove out to NJ on Friday and back today. My car ran like a champ, on the way back getting 511 miles off its 15 gallon tank (though i will admit I put 15.8 gallons in afterward). Now I'm back in MI, and starting work tomorrow.

Rosie Thomas - Farewell

Rosie Thomas sings sparse songs. Vocals which never rush are matched by piano which meanders along behind, foregrounding only on occasion. When you need music to relax you, this is it.

Despite that it was only a few weeks ago, I can't remember how I heard about her. I want to say it was that I heard Have You Seen My Love somewhere, but I can't do so with certainty. Regardless, her music needs to be checked out.

furthur links

As my first step in feeling less guilty for the google links to whatsplaying, I put links to furthur on all the shows I downloaded from there. Hopefully that'll drive a little traffic their way and start getting more people interested in supporting taper-friendly bands. Or people just want to download music... whatever.