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still no internet

So today the AT&T people finally showed up and got to work, only to find that they can't figure out where our cable drop goes. Basically there are three central cable points (i think the guys called them j-boxes) in the building. For some unknown reason AT&T can only get to two of them. The third they say is locked, and needs to be unlocked by building management. Building management, they say, claims to not have a key. And so the fun we call the quest to get cable continues. We now get the fun job of convincing the management that this box needs to be opened, one way or another. I'd bet money on them saying it's AT&T's job, however. We'll see... I really just don't see this all resolving itself cleanly.

a little update

I've got a few minutes to kill before I'm off to my next task, so I figured it would be nice if I posted a bit of a general update on my first week of school. Click to read... — Continue Reading...

gar... internet... gar...

So we still don't have internet in our apartment. Don't ask why, I have no clue. In any case, I have contract work that won't wait for AT&T, so I'm now in the library again, this time on an NT machine to be able to use Photoshop. This is actually the first time I've logged onto a windows computer here at USC.

dispatch and the knit

I'm too angry at old-school netscape to go look for dispatch's site, but the calendar for The Knitting Factory LA lists a premiere for the new Dispatch DVD in late September. That should be cool stuff. No idea if the band would be there or not.

Speaking of the knit... Aug. 31 Gang of Song plays the alterknit lounge. I haven't ever heard the band, but Jeremy Toback and Julian Coryell are both cool, so I plan to be there. $7 and the knit's a cool place.

still waiting...

Still waiting on internet (and cable) in the apartment. AT&T installation says they're swamped right now. I think we're scheduled for tomorrow right now. It better happen then, 'cause I'm really getting sick of these suns in the library.

in LA

So I got into LA the other day. I don't have internet in the apartment yet, so that's why I've been a little quiet (as if I wasn't before). Hopefully today or tomorrow. Yesterday was my first trip to IKEA. I'll write more about that later.

getting set

After 77 days of uptime, momentarily I'll be shutting my computer down, putting it in my trunk, and getting ready to head back to California.


So going through some random stuff I found my folder from senior year (yes, i only carried a folder... no backpack). In it was a poem that I wrote for Honors English. Click to read it... — Continue Reading...


I saw Dave Matthews last night in Indiana. I went to see two songs (Bartender and Grace is Gone) and he played neither, but other than that it was a good show. Lots of tapers there, so I'm sure it'll be online shortly if it isn't already.


I know, I linked to them in songofthemoment, but I feel they're worthy of getting linked again. I've listened to Interpol's MBE set many times over the past few days, and I'm hooked. I'm definitely getting their CD when it comes out, and looking to see them when they hit LA.

Interpol - NYC

Interpol is very cool. Very rich sound, with almost a Radioheadesque styling. They did a Morning Becomes Eclectic set the other day that you should definitely listen to. Catch 'em while they're unknown...