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great Clutch quote

During their show from 2000-12-21, the lead singer from Clutch made this comment between songs:

Hey ladies, it's really no big deal that you have breasts. Half the people in the world have breasts, and I'm not impressed.

Ahhh... Clutch is cool.

div widths and padding in mozilla and IE

So I've been bothered by this problem for a while, and in particular it was biting me today when I was working on a bit of a site for the USC Waterski Team. I looked around a bit, and this document described my problem exactly and told how to fix it. Beautiful.

On Defining Urban

We got our papers back yesterday for Hip-Hop, so I figured I would go ahead and post mine up in verbal intercourse. It's titled On Defining Urban, and in my opinion came out pretty well. The quotes could be integrated better, but the main points are good.

Vonda Shepard - Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow

So this is a little bit different than most songs I post here. I have an Indigo Girls show from July 13, 2002, and toward the end it contains this song, performed with Vonda. Apparently the song is from an Ally McBeal soundtrack. Just try to ignore that. Go to Furthur and download the show. It's a great show, and an even better song.

still writing

I just got onto page four, and have used three of my four main points, and four of the five sources I need to use. All in all, I'd say I'm right on track. I'm actually quite happy with how this is turning out for a piece that as of this afternoon I had no idea what it would be about. My main points came to me as they usually do, while away from the computer. Tonight it was while riding my skateboard to Del Taco, normally it's while taking a shower. Oh the weird rituals we create...

paper writing time

So it's paper writing time once again, the first of this new year. This time it's a 5 - 7 pager for my Hip-Hop Nation class. As of right now, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be writing... I've done all the reading (unusual for me), I've read the prompt many times, but inspiration and organization just hasn't really struck yet. Hopefully that happens at least reasonably soon, or it'll be a long night.