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and i'm spent.

I think my latin final went well today, for whatever values of well and latin are possible for me. The paper finished out nicely at 10 pages. I'll post it later on today. Now I just have some contract work and some real work between me and South Carolina. I still don't get a ton of sleep before then, but that's what flying's for.

woo! a comedy!

So I'm back. And yes, it was amazing. And yes, the dwarf was on fire. Now to decide whether to sleep now, then wake up, finish and study, or to finish now, sleep, wake up, and then study. Hmmm... The bed beckons.


So #{node "5"}D4#{/node} just talked me into going to see the Lord of the Rings... in an hour. I have a paper due at 10, and a final at 11, and I'm going to see a movie at 12:01am. Ahhh... college. On the plus side, I'm on page 9 of 10 for my paper, so it might as well be done. Hey whatever, I'm happy. And it's a fandango theater! I love fandango ads.

write, write, write

It's a little past four, and I've got five full pages. I'm in the second of three major sections in my outline, so I've feeling good about page length right now. I see this ending up around 10 pages, though I could probably flesh it to 12 if I wanted to. I think I'm going to end up citing well over a dozen sources. I've already cited from three books, three journal articles, and a web source.

still going...

One final and one paper left to go. Today I had a final (that I felt good about) and worked on my paper for the rest of the day. I read a book (115 or so pages), typed an outline (a full page), and wrote 3 pages of the final paper (of 10 - 15). Tomorrow I work 8 hours and then get to finish the paper and attempt to study for my latin final. All that while still finding time to sleep a little, hopefully...

and in school news...

I've got a final tomorrow, and a final and a paper due Wednesday. It's going to be a long couple days before I fly down to South Carolina on Friday.

the beacon

So right now I can see the beacon from my apartment. I haven't been able to find out anything about when it's lit, and I know I can't have just not noticed it before. I mean, if I can see it from the couch, and it's on at the same time as the Simpsons, I would have to have noticed it before. Weird...

random knowledge is too hard to come by

Last night when I was driving back I also saw the Lindbergh Beacon lit up on City Hall. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it lit up before, so I'm really curious to know if I'm just oblivious other times, or if there was some occasion.

i'm a workin' man

So I've been working for a couple weeks now, and I've thought of various things I wanted to post various times, only to forget to post them when I actually could have. Last night, though, I was driving back and decided that Tricky's song Bury the Evidence is my perfect soundtrack for the 110 from Pasadena to downtown when it's dark out and you can go fast. I love the 110 up there... Then you hit the 4-level and everything goes downhill.

all i want is cookies...

So I saw Drew Barrymore the other day. They were having the premiere for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in Westwood on Wednesday, and #{node "6"}Magilla#{/node}, #{node "5"}D4#{/node}, and I happened to be heading that direction in search of a little goodness from Diddy Reese. People were lined along the sidewalk, pushed back along the walls by security, and definitely felt compelled to yell at Magilla and I when we happened to walk up at the exact moment Drew was getting out of her limo directly in front of Diddy. All we wanted were cookies, not trouble...

catching up

So... ummm... I haven't died. In fact, there's been a lot going on, and I've just been pretty slack in getting it up here. Instead of posting one big entry, I'm going to post several rapid-fire...

The Gotee Brothers - Celia (Queen of the Senseless World)

In 1996 Todd Collins, Toby McKeehan (of DC Talk), and Joey Elwood put out an album called ERACE. As has happened with several albums I bought back then, I pulled this one back out a while back and dusted it off to give it a spin. I love it. Definitely worth picking up, especially since you're likely to find it extremely cheap these days.