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I have a Latin grammar "quiz" today. I say "quiz" because it's 10% of the course grade. That doesn't sound like any "quiz" to me. It's at times like these that you're very glad you did the math and decided to take the class pass-fail. Not that I won't still work ('cause if I didn't, I would fail), but it does take a lot of the pressure off.

This Saturday: Jeremy Toback and Steve Reynolds

This Saturday, February 1, Jeremy Toback, Steve Reynolds, and Gus Black will be playing a show at the hotel cafe in hollywood. I've seen Jeremy numerous times now, and always enjoy it. The last show of his that I saw (I think), Steve opened, and was amazing on the guitar. Very cool stuff, and definitely something you should check out.

Paul Oakenfold - The Harder They Come (Featuring Nelly Furta

I love songs that bring Tricky out of his normal musical styles (though for Tricky you might need to say his style of the moment). I heard a bit of this song on KCRW and was like "ehh... that's cool." Then I heard Tricky's grovel come on, and instantly I loved the stylistic juxtaposition. Very cool.

some things never change

I was just looking at an old screenshot and saw a post entitled PalmIII, from October 26, 1999. Ironically, this exact same sentiment could well have been written this semester, when I resolved to start using the PalmIII to take notes on. This is definitely proof that I don't have a good use for the Palm, if I've had it four years and still can't get myself to use it regularly.


I haven't been on the computer much lately. Work, classes, San Diego, and having Kathy here have pretty much monopolized all my time (not that that's bad). Expect to see more here starting next week.

my other resolution this year

My other resolution this year is to actually go to class. This one may be more difficult.

a new semester, new resolutions

One of the things I disliked most about last semester was the feeling that I never ran into anyone on campus. I felt like I would come to class and then go straight back to my apartment. This semester I'm going to try and do whatever I need to do to stay on campus in the breaks between classes, even if that means just sitting somewhere enjoying the sun. Now if only I had a laptop, I could use the wireless network and actually be productive. Oh well...

classes are starting

So today I went to my first class of the new semester, COMM 204 (basically a public speaking class). The instructor, Jeannie Novak, is actually the founder of Indiespace, a company that helps indie musicians market their work. She's at USC getting her Masters, and that has teaching requirements, so here she is doing 204.

mmmm... vibrance...

I just turned on digital vibrance on my new video card, and I have to say that it's very cool. I like bright colors. It makes very nice bright colors. I also think the cursor shadow is far cooler than it seems like it should be. It's just a drop-shadow, but I think it really looks good.

new music! woo!

Today #{node "6"}Magilla#{/node} and I cruised up to Sunset for a visit to Amoeba Music. I had a couple things I wanted, and Magilla's always up for a trip there. Once again, Amoeba came through in the clutch, and I found two great cds used ($4.95 each). I bought the George Clinton cd I wanted and also Halou's cd, Wiser. The Halou cd is absolutely amazing. I love the richness of their sound. Check it out.

George Clinton - If Anybody Gets Funked Up

Just a little change of pace... I heard this song on KCRW's Blueprint last night, and loved it. I need more music like this. I will buy this cd very soon.

ummm... so lots has happened

I've been very lax in posting lately, thanks to being pretty busy. I've had interesting times over the last few weeks, though, and I will get around to posting on them eventually.