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1st Anniversary of whatsplaying logging

So a couple days ago was a year since I started logging song plays to whatsplaying. In that time I've listened to 2,195 different songs. The count right now is at 9,156 plays. The most times I've listened to one song is 19, so that's definitely spreading around the wealth. Only 113 songs have been played 10 or more times. On the other hand, though, 604 songs have only been played once. Although, considering I have 2,621 songs on my computer, that's still better than nothing (yeah, that's 426 songs left out in the cold). Here's to stats...

found it

So I searched in all the wrong places for a while, but eventually got around to searching google groups to find that on the 20th this post to cleared up the whole thing. The track in the Lincoln Aviator commercial is 'Mr. Scruff - Get a Move On'.

aviator commercial again

I've seen a decent amount of hits from people looking for what music was in the Lincoln Aviator commercial, so I'm working on finding out what the track was so I can post that information here. If that is what you got here looking for, check back or drop me an email and I'll get that to you when I find it.

Lincoln Aviator commercial

So today I turned on the tv before I left for class and saw a familiar sight in the commercial that was playing. It was in the Lincoln Aviator commercial that's out right now, the one where the guy says goodbye to the girl and then drives in the rain. I definitely recognized Trousdale (a straight driving shot), the corner of the pharmacy, and the fountain they installed over ours. I actually saw this shoot setting up on December 18 before I flew out. They had cranes everywhere for setting up the rain.

almost there

The weekend is almost here, but it's not coming fast enough. I've got two classes left, including a vocab quiz in Latin. I really hate vocab. We'll see, though, last night I felt pretty good about these particular words.

it's wet out

So it rained yesterday, but it really didn't rain that hard. Today, however, it's raining hard. I got soaked on the way to class today, and now I'm in the Annenberg computer lab trying not to leave the building until I absolutely have to. Rain here is absolutely no good.

my culinary skills will blind you

So last night I did indeed make a grocery list. It had on it the following items: fettucine, broccoli, cooking sherry, ginger powder, and roasted almonds (and a couple other things that don't matter to this post). Combined with canola oil, soy sauce, and chicken that I already had, these formed the ingredients for my first real foray into cooking. It came out far better than I expected, though stir-frying was pretty hectic. I have very good leftovers sitting in my fridge.


So tonight I'm sitting down to write out a grocery list. This marks the first time I'm done such a thing. I'm also going to attempt stir-frying for the first time. Life will be interesting.

and i disappear again...

I suck at updating this lately... It's not that it's hard, it's just that I'm busy and never happen to think of stuff to write when I'm sitting at the computer. Today I've spent a good bit of time implementing an #{node "7"}eThreads#{/node} feature that I've really wanted (since I thought of it a month or two ago). I call it metanodes. Look for it soon... I still need to clean up some of the support routines before I can roll out that code here. Hopefully it'll make keeping track of different things and people I mention here a lot easier.

stupid fox...

Tonight the Simpsons got preempted by a car chase. Not just any car chase, though... A slow speed car chase. So instead of watching Homer I get to watch a car going 20mph down the 210 while CHP sits behind it. Woo.