tipping point?

Saturday, May 17, 2003, at 10:20AM

By Eric Richardson

I think the broadbast debate may have been settled... Speakeasy is offering a free X-Box or PS2 when you start new service. Now the console war question begins... For the last couple months we've had a PS2, which I loved. I beat Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and am a huge fan of NCAA Football 2003. Only the GTA line is PS2 exclusive, but I love the feel of the PS2 and its controller. The X-Box controller has always felt unwieldy to me. On the other hand, though, the X-Box Linux hacks are a huge plus. I'd love to be able to pipe media files to the tv via the network, and X-Box has the most promise of that (via projects like Xbox Media Player). For that reason -- and the fact that #{node "5"}D4#{/node} prefers X-Box -- it's looking like I'll go DSL, Speakeasy, and X-Box.