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I had a crazy thing happen to me the other day. Last Thursday, when I was driving to see Steve Reynolds, I was on the 110 downtown when all of a sudden a sheet of plywood basically stood up in front of me. It was about 3 foot x 2 foot, and I guess the air rush from the car in front of me picked in up, but it ended up standing on end in front of my car, with me coming at it at about 70mph. I didn't have any option but to hit it and hope nothing bad happened. At the time I didn't think anything had, but today I found out that my right headlight casing is cracked and water is getting inside. I guess I'll have to figure out how to fix that before it rains again.

just a test

Just testing a new eThreads post interface... There are some major cool things on the way. Now I just have to make them work.

can you picture that?

So tonight I went to House of Blues on Sunset to go see the Socal Vocals. We actually ended up missing their first song, but the band that was playing when we first got there, Quazar & the Bamboozled, was by far the strangest thing I've ever seen on stage. I can't tell you for sure how many members they have, but I know at one point I counted 13, and I think that might have been a low point. Check out these pictures. They'll give you some vaque idea of what I'm stillll struggling to understand. The music itself reminded me of Ben Folds on crack, but I have to say that they weren't bad. They put on a show, and they played well. I was just in system overload the entire time. And it didn't help that they played the song "Can You Picture That?" and all I could think of was Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem in the original Muppet Movie. And yet... There are unmistakable similarities...

new in verbal

I forgot to mention earlier that I posted a new paper in verbal intercourse. It's titled On Copyright and the Public Domain. I liked it, but I really don't know if I fully did the topic justice. I had so much to say that I feel like I would have loved to put in more depth. At the same time, though, I think it serves well as an introduction to changes in copyright and their effect on the public domain.

show time

It's finals time. In a few minutes I'll sit down to take the final for COMM 201 - Communications as a Liberal Art. In other words, "crap we made up." That's what I hope to do on the final, at least. This is the time where all those BS'ing skills you've learned throughout the years have to go to work. On the one hand, I could really do without finals, but at the same time I love going in there and having no idea what's going to happen. Am I prepared? We'll soon find out... I just spent a half hour or so in the bookstore reading up on some stuff in the textbook I never managed to buy. Before that I spent hours going through the notes, making sure I was familiar with terms. Now it's go time.

accident prone

I've seen more accidents at the corner of 29th & Vermont (it's the centered intersection... the west side is higher than the east) in the last couple weeks than I would think an intersection like that would get. I know I can think of at least three that I've happened to have been here and heard (and then seen the results of). They're not major, but they're decent fender-benders, usually involving the south/east side of the intersection. Odd...

mmmm... live music

So thursday night I made it out to the Hotel Cafe and caught Steve Reynolds. He was amazing, as usual, and this time I finally got to pick up his cd. Now I don't have to go through withdrawl between shows. I also caught the last couple minutes of a set by Penny. I can't at all say I got enough from the little I heard to make a judgement, but listening to a couple tracks on their website I'd definitely want to check them out. Unfortunately their show at the knit is while I'm back in MI, but I'm sure I'll find a time to catch them over the summer. All in all, a great night.

steve reynolds

Steve Reynolds did a set on Morning Becomes Eclectic today. Definitely check it out. I've seen him live twice now, and every time I'm amazed. I just told #{node "6"}Magilla#{/node} that being able to easily see Steve's shows might be reason #1 to turn 21.