good times

Monday, August 18, 2003, at 06:17AM

By Eric Richardson

Friday night Red Elvises were at Rusty's. I think this is the fourth time I've seen them, dating back to July 4, 2000, when I made the trek over to Summerfest in Ann Arbor, MI, to check them out after hearing them online. Since then two members of the band have left, and two new ones have replaced them, but at the core the Red Elvises are still the same fun time they've been for years. How can you go wrong when Oleg's playing that bass? (DISCLAIMER - pizza slice not present at most shows) Anyway, it was Oleg's birthday and mine was the next day, so the confluence of events required that I attend.

Rusty's is a $10 cover if you're 21+, but $12 if you're under, so I figured I'd try rationalizing to save a few bucks. As I handed the guy my ID I told him, "I'll be 21 by the time I leave." He looks at my ID for a bit, which in bright red letters says "UNDER 21 UNTIL 08-16-2003," then looks back up and me. "When's your birthday?" "Tomorrow." "$10." Score.