a big world, a little world

Monday, August 25, 2003, at 07:00AM

By Eric Richardson

Last night after church Kathy and I headed over to North Hollywood to see Lee Beth Kilgore do an acoustic set. She played at a place called Kulak's Woodshed, which I'm at a bit of a loss for words to describe. I love the concept, but when I stepped inside I couldn't get over just how odd it was to have a place like this right next to the glitz of Hollywood and Los Angeles. I was talking to Lee Beth afterward and she was pretty heavy-handed criticizing her own performance, but I think it was a lot better than she gives herself credit for. She is pretty pumped about full band performances right now, though, and I agree with her that a supporting cast would really fill out the sound.

The craziest thing of the night, though, was when we were talking afterward and I happened to mention something about "Rodney". She instantly asked, "Rodney who?" When I said Rodney Branigan she lit up. She owns both his cds and really wants to meet him when he's next out here (Sep 9 - 13). It's a small world.

BTW - If you haven't seen Rodney play you HAVE to check out the video on his site. It's insane, because he's insane. He's the best guitar player I've ever seen. A musician friend saw the video the other night and wrote me back -- "o my god i just watched rodney's video and my head exploded." He does that to people.