it begins

Wednesday, September 17, 2003, at 08:00PM

By Eric Richardson

It's paper writing time. Due tomorrow, only 3 - 4 pages, contrasting Benjamin Franklin's ideals of self-creation and control with the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. I have a vague idea what I'm going to say, but I'm not sure what of the Poe stories we've read I'm going to use for my support. I guess we'll find out by tomorrow. I was pretty tired a little earlier, but I discovered chocolate covered coffee beans waiting on my shelf. This paper might not make sense, or it might be brilliant. It's a coin toss right now.

(Update: 1:24AM) I hadn't noticed that the last post was directly at midnight. It's now close on an hour and a half later, and I'm still reading. I figure I'll have read all the materials by 2. Then I would hope to have the paper itself done in an hour and a half (including time for a shower).