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spicing things up...

It's been a while since the webcam went away, and I really don't see it coming back (that part of life is in the past), but I have missed having a little photo content scattered around my site. Well, no more will I have that tug on my heart every time my browser finds its way to this site (which is often... I think I use my site more than anyone else combined).

I mentioned recently getting a camera phone (Sony Ericsson T616). The next issue was how to get the pictures that I liked off my phone and out to you. The answer: Buzznet, a site I first became aware of because Marc Brown's is listed as two miles north of me by GeoURL. Finally today I quit being an object at rest and checked it out, creating my own photoblog. The site does have a ton of features right now, but it has exactly what I need. You email your entries in, and buzznet takes care of everything else. This is one of the areas that really fascinates me right now as I start to explore what it is that I'm going to be doing after I graduate.


I just fixed a nasty little bug that might have been preventing people from posting comments. It was an ugly thing that could only happen in mod_perl, so tracking it down was a bit interesting. The fix itself was, as usual, just one line. All the nastiest bugs are one-line fixes.

still bleh

So I was a little preemptive the other day when I thought I was rounding the corner to good health. It definitely got worse before it got better, but today I'm finally down to a throat that feels like I just got my tonsils out and a bit of a head cold. That much I can live with. I think today I'll finally get to venture outside the house for the first time since midday Thursday.


So I got home Tuesday and promptly got sick yesterday. It started as a scratchy throat, and then became a nasty headache and a full-on upset stomach. I think I'm rounding the corner with it, but getting sick on Christmas just isn't cool.

fun with phones

I wrote the other day that I was thinking about getting a new phone. Well, I did. I've had a lot of phones over the years, so I'll give my thoughts on the Sony Ericsson T616 so far. — Continue Reading...

getting ready

I fly to MI at 9:55am, and what am I doing right now? Downloading stuff to my laptop so that I'll have work to do on the plane. I have a fun new project for this site that I'm hoping to wrap up soon, and I hope to knock a good bit of it out tomorrow. To do that, though, I need to have apache, mysql, etc, all set up locally. Tonight I'm downloading rpms, tomorrow on the plane or in the airport I'll set it all up and get to work.

The Cooler

I'm giving up on keeping a seperate thing on movies... I never update it enough, so I'm just going to roll my movie viewing up into here.

We went and saw The Cooler at the 4plex on Saturday night. From the previews, I pretty much expected a comedy. William H Macy is a really funny guy, so I thought that it would be good. It was, but it most definitely wasn't a comedy (though it was funny at times). Go to IMDB if you want plot, I'm not going to rehash that here. What I will say, though, is that this is a side of Macy that I hadn't really seen before. I knew Maria Bello from Permanent Midnight, and she did a great job here. Alec Baldwin was born for his role. Be warned, it's a violent movie, but worth it.

dance with the devil...

About to make a trip into the heart of hostile territory. We're off to see Michigan St vs. UCLA in basketball at Pauley Pavilion. I'm wearing a MSU t-shirt and a USC hat. Pat's wearing MSU shorts and a USC sweatshirt. D4's wearing a USC BBall t-shirt. I think they'll notice us.

fun with numbers

Last night we were having a debate about populations. I can't remember what brought it about, but I took a guess that LA county would have a greater population than the state of Michigan. This morning I looked up the numbers... I wasn't right, but I was really close. According to 2000 census numbers, LA county has 9,519,338 residents. The state of Michigan has 9,938,444. LA county's growing faster, though, so I don't see that edge lasting long.


Yes, I did. And yes, it was.

work work play play

Because I can't get myself to study for stretches at a time, I end up getting random stuff done in times when I shouldn't. This time I reworked the looks page. I added eWorld 2.0, from April of 1999, and added more realistic home page content for eWorld 5.0 (October, 1999) and eWorld 11.0 (August, 2000).

visual world

I'm debating whether to get a camera phone. Cingular called me a month or two ago and said I was eligible for a free upgrade (obviously conditional on signing a new contract... my two years were up close to a year ago), so the thought's been kicking around my head for a while now.

Read on to hear my thoughts on digital cameras, camera phones, blogs, and visual culture... — Continue Reading...