wifi whu?

Monday, January 26, 2004, at 02:43PM

By Eric Richardson

I'm sitting right now at the Ragazzi Room, a coffee shop near USC. Near, but really not too near. It's at about Union and 23rd. USC's campus is about 10 blocks south, and "the Row" (where all the frats and sororities are) is about 5 blocks south. I'm making a big deal about pointing this out because I'm confused... Ragazzi Room is a wifi hotspot, but it's a pay one. I'm not all about that. But firing up kismet showed me coverage from USC's wireless network. Granted, it's between 20 - 40% on my signal graph, but it's perfectly usable. What I'm confused about though, is where it's coming from. Is it possible that I'm really picking up signal from the row? I can't believe that. But I don't know of a closer USC building with wireless. There has to be one, I'm just not sure what it would be...