another night of music

Tuesday, January 27, 2004, at 09:44AM

By Eric Richardson

So I've had this post sitting on my computer for like three days now and haven't finished it until now. That's pretty sad.

I started off the night Friday heading over into enemy territory to see Magilla's band's first show. The sound was very poorly done -- the guitars were running just off their amps, the vocal was far too low -- but none of this was their fault. I blame the bruins. It's always their fault.

Then it was off for a drive down Sunset to get over to the Hotel Cafe. We got there around 9:20, and Resonant Heads were just going on. They put on a good show. Kathy commented that they had very intelligent lyrics. Lead vocalist Dawn Frinta has a great Cranberries sound to her voice, and Rez Heads put her sound on top of a sort of rock, almost punk, musical style. A good show all around.

Jim Bianco was up next. He's amazing. His band is amazing. They know their stuff cold. Stage presence radiates off of them. Some amazingly funky cool stuff.

Final act of the night was Pedestrian. I was falling asleep at this point, and no amount of loud music was going to change that. They played a little harder stuff than I remember last time, but I'm not sure if that's my memory or really a change in what they do. Still good stuff, though.