a weekend away from the computer

Monday, April 12, 2004, at 05:15AM

By Eric Richardson

I didn't touch a computer much this weekend, which was good and bad. Good to get away, but bad for the stuff that really should have been done.

Saturday morning several of us from the waterski team got up really early and made the drive up to the Buena Vista Auquatic Area up near Bakersfield. Lots of good skiing, and I've been feeling it yesterday and today.

I got back mid-afternoon, and then that night we had a little show at the Ragazzi Room with Lee Beth Kilgore and Justin Rosolino. Claire Holley also came and sang with Justin on a song. I wish I could have gotten more people out, but it was still a fun time. I really enjoy listening to both Lee Beth and Justin, so it was fun to get them together in the same place. And in a very "it's a small world" moment, the two share a good friend Lee Beth went to college with. I had my small world moment too, as I found out that Sally Smithwick and Joel Eckels from Paper Sun, who I've seen several times, are also old friends of Justin. They came out to see him play and I got a chance to say hi.