mod_perl v. me: showdown

Saturday, April 03, 2004, at 08:24AM

By Eric Richardson

Ok, so a while ago I switched all this eThreads stuff over to mod_perl, to get some of that persistence speed-up goodness. And I did. And I like it.

But if sometime soon I go crazy and end up in a river somewhere (oh, wait, this is LA... the aquaduct?), somebody go blame modperl. It really makes a habit of acting in ways that make absolutely no sense. For instance, one bug that's been driving me batty for a while now is that every once in a while I'll load up this page and modperl will see some   tags and be like, dude, that would be cooler if it was   then it would show up on page when really it's only supposed to be a space. But it only does it sometimes. Just enough to really annoy me, but not enough to actually let me track it down.

Also, at some point modperl decided that it wanted to start double-posted if I tried to post here via it. Sure, the post code only gets called once, but why should that stop it? So I've been posting via a CGI version for the last while, which I really shouldn't have to do.

Stupid computers.