Music: Saucy Monky @ The Gig

Saturday, May 08, 2004, at 10:19PM

By Eric Richardson

So many times I start to write these things and then get sidetracked and end up mentioning a show I went to like three days later. Well, tonight's not one of those nights. Tonight I just got back.

Saucy Monky was at The Gig tonight, so Kathy and I hopped in the car around 10:15 and took a little trip toward Hollywood. Never Never Land by UNKLE was on the cd player, and I was happy. After a slight detour where I convinced myself Beverly was actually Melrose, we made it just fine and found a free parking spot a block away.

We got there around 10:40, and Saucy was supposed to be on around 11:15, but the curtain was closed between acts so I knew they were either running behind or running early, and, this being LA, I figured it likely wasn't the latter.

Sure enough Tishara started playing around 11. Now I looked around her website earlier in the day, and I saw things like she was a Ms. Hawaiian Tropic, some scary looking dance photos, and an about page that includes text like "Tishara is undoubtedly the new country rock's up-and coming artist." When people say that on their own sites I tend to not believe it. So did the show change my opinion? Ehhh, sort of. She's got a great voice; there's no question of that. The performance was hampered by guitars that were mixed too high, drowning out the vocals. She had good stage prescence, and the band playing with her was good. I guess I'd just like to see a set where she played a little toned down, and it didn't seem like she had to sing as loud as she could to keep up.

Saucy was up next, taking the stage sometime around 10 after midnight. Sally Smithwick from Paper Sun was again on keys, playing a Wurlitzer Electric Piano and adding a great touch to the sound. Dawn Thomas also came on stage for one song, which turned into a bit of a round with Dawn, Cynthia, and Sally all participating in turn. Ann Marie, meanwhile, just hung out in the middle playing her guitar. A good time was had by all. Cynthia showed off her voice more than I think I've seen in the past.

Next up for me? Tuesday Lee Beth has a show at Masquers Cabaret and I'm hoping to make it out that.