the fun of furniture making

Friday, May 14, 2004, at 11:14AM

By Eric Richardson

I put up a picture today showing a bit of what my desk currently looks like. Last August D4 and I went about building ourselves a set of full-sized bunk beds and a 8' long table for a desk. The beds actually came out really well, and just the other day we cut the legs in half to make them into separate beds as we go our own ways.

The desk, though, was troubled. We never did get all the wobble out of it, even through two iterations of the legs. I've now got it in the new apartment, and there was no way I was rigging it back how it was.

And so I ended up with my current solution, which may be temporary or may be permanent. On the right I've got an SGI Personal IRIS, which has the solid metal framing to withstand much more than the weight of a desk and monitors. On the left is my desktop, an old PII 400 in a Gateway 2000 full tower that originally shipped as a PPro 200. To bring both up to a height of 26 1/4" I'm using a bunch of books that would otherwise have sat on my shelves. The Deeds of Frederick Barbarosa have never been so useful.