my exercise routine

Saturday, June 19, 2004, at 09:53AM

By Eric Richardson

I'm not much of one for going somewhere and working out. I'm lazy, and somehow those two don't quite work out well together. What I will do, though, and what I have done twice in the last two days, is play some ping-pong. We have a table in the gym area on our roof and Wednesday I finally bought a pair of paddles and a six-pack of balls.

Last night Kathy and I played, and she put me to shame. I'm not one to try and make excuses, but I did hit about 75% unforced errors, so I think I beat myself just as much as she beat me.

Today, though, playing Magilla I was a little bit more acurate. The shot's starting to come back and the range finding is getting better. I think a few more days of training and I'll be right back into game shape.