generation next

Saturday, June 19, 2004, at 08:00PM

By Eric Richardson

This week's Downtown News has a cool article on Caryn Coleman, who with husband Sean Bonner owns the gallery sixspace and runs The article's part of Downtown News' series "Generation Next."

The article should make Sean happy... To quote from a recent post of his:

Since this is continually mistaken in articles written about us, we've felt the need to spell it out a little more clearly. The name of our art gallery is "sixspace" - that's all one word and lowercase. It's an aesthetic choice yes, but one that we'd appreciate you respecting. For some reason writers in the past have felt the need to write it as "SixSpace" or "Six-Space" or as two words and this is painfully incorrect.

The Downtown News correctly writes:

the gallery named sixspace (lower case intentional)