movie time

Tuesday, June 22, 2004, at 09:23AM

By Eric Richardson

Yesterday on the way back from Union Station I made my way over to the LAPL Central Library. I intended to go check out a book, but it wasn't there so I wandered around the DVDs a bit, looking for something to watch. I'm pretty sure there is no unifying principle behind what DVDs they do or do not have. The selection is very random, and all of a sudden they'll have 6 or 8 copies of a movie you've never even heard of.

But anyway, I ran across a copy of In Like Flint. I had seen bits before, but never the whole movie, so I picked it up and watched it last night. Good times. Fully worth the bike ride over. Since rentals are free I'm hoping to start taking chances on their more random selections and go for quantity, if not necessarily quality.